What is Site Genie?

Site Genie (copyright © 2009) is a revolutionary piece of software developed by centek, a Netsuite Suiteflex partner. Site Genie allows the quick customization of Netsuite web stores with just 3 simple steps:

How do I use Site Genie?

Use Site Genie with your existing site or with our premier selection of over 2,000 professional Netsuite compatible templates (see right). The templates are professional grade and include everything needed to get started.

Is Site Genie expensive?

Site Genie is the most affordable solution in the market for integrating customized web stores! It even offers special features such as a wish list, item compare and more. You can easily save thousands of dollars by using Site Genie!

Is Site Genie time consuming?

Site Genie is by far one of the quickest ways to integrate customized web stores with Netsuite. You will no longer need to wait weeks or months to have your store integrated. Site Genie works in days!

Is Site Genie right for me?

if you like to save time and money then Site Genie is definitely right for you. Site Genie was developed to meet the needs of the everyday user who may have very little or no html knowledge at all. It is simple, yet powerful.

Key Benefits

  • Most affordable and professional solution in the market; ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Fully compatible with NetSuite’s world-class E-Commerce features; no sacrifices needed.
  • Professional results at a reasonable price; no need to spend thousands anymore.
  • Simple, yet powerful with add-on features; no html or design knowledge required.
  • Customize your web store and go live in days; no need to wait weeks or months.