Online Course Software

Whether you are looking to expand your customer base and sell courses online to an scalable audience, or to provide your business with the necessary tools to improve the quick dissemination among your employees of new information, best practices, new procedures, or other information in a fast and efficient way, Centek can provide your company with proprietary education software to make it happen.

Case Study 1: is a leading online education company with hundreds of registered teachers and students around the world. Lernsys markets and sells K to 12 courses to homeschoolers around the U.S. and the world. Because its online courses are provided by licensed teachers and affiliates through a profit-share business model, Lernsys needed to implement several unique business processes to make it all happen. Lernsys needed a robust course development and management software to effectively manage its relationship with its teachers, students, affiliates and employees. Additionally, Lernsys needed a solution which would enable it to meet surging demand and a professional level of reliable scalability for years to come. By partnering with Centek, Lernsys was able to customize its instance of the proprietary online course software to make it all happen in a seamless and cost-effective way while meeting its business goals and custom backend processes.

Case Study 2: Newman Enterprises is a private company with over 400 employees. Because of the nature of Newman's dynamic business sector and quickly changing industry regulations and policies, Newman had a difficult time ensuring all of its employees were continuously kept informed and learned all of the latest regulations and policy changes. In short, Newman needed a fast, effective and reliable way to disseminate and propagate information among its employees in 7 different departments situated across 3 different geographical locations. Finally, Newman wanted to be able to understand the effectiveness of the new online education system and to be able to manage the completion of each tutorial, course or test administered to either all or specific employees and individuals. Through the implementation of Centek's online course system, Newman was able to reduce the completion time of newly learned materials by over 70% while at the same time improving overall learning across all of its departments.

If your goal is to provide information, courses, tutorials or online services, we can ensure that your students or employees enjoy an informative, user-friendly and interactive learning experience. Our online course management software was developed with the direct collaboration and input from experienced educators from renowned universities including Harvard, Berkeley, Georgetown and Yale.

With Our Education Software You Can Provide:

  • Individual lessons
  • Full courses
  • For a fee or for free
  • Make lessons public/private
  • Video-lessons
  • Files (PDF, Word, PPT, etc.)
  • Tests, quizzes, etc.

One of our core objectives when partnering with your company is that your students or employees find the information they need securely, reliable and quickly. This fundamental value coupled with the proper integration of the rich functionalities our education software offers along with a customizable look and feel guarantees your visitors’ positive browsing and learning experience.

For more information or a free demo of our education software, contact us today.