NetSuite-based Cart Abandonment Recovery Tool(C.A.R.T)

The faster, easier way to improve your sales.

With over 10 years of E-Commerce experience, Centek knows a thing or two about business lost because of cart abandonments. Virtually all E-Commerce sites suffer from cart abandonment, and most studies show that up to 70% of online users never actually make it through the checkout. We have taken over ten years of hands-on experience, know-how, and expertise to bring NetSuite® customers the perfect solution to deal with cart abandonments and bring your customers back to your site. Centek's NetSuite based C.A.R.T© (Cart Abandonment Recovery Tool) will enable you to put an end to lost business and revenue due to cart abandonments. C.A.R.T will help you increase your conversions and sales by an average of 10 to 20%. C.A.R.T© empowers NetSuite businesses of all sizes to effectively improve their conversions--and it will help you bring E-shoppers back to your site so they can complete their checkouts. This is truly the best NetSuite based plug-in you will find to deal with cart abandonments. You will simply love it. If you are serious about improving your sales, Centek's C.A.R.T© can get you there.

Increase Your Sales By Up To 20%!

  • FACT: On average, around 70% of shoppers never make it through the checkout!
  • FACT: On average, up to 20% of abandoned carts can be recovered with triggered emails!
  • FACT: Customers are up to five times more likely to come back to your site if you email them within 24 hours!

Our Turn-key Solution Does Everything For You!

  • Easy Installation. Get up and Running in Just Days!
  • Automatic Email Sequence Deployment!
  • Return Checkout Reporting and Analysis!
  • Return Checkout Reporting and Analysis!
  • Programmable email Delivery Schedule!
  • Customizable Emails!
  • Customer Specific Abandoned Page Data!

By combining unparalleled NetSuite knowledge, rigorous analysis with creative spark, and integrating fresh perspectives with hands-on practical experience, Centek strives to create and provide professional cost-conscious solutions built around NetSuite's award-winning system.