Template Solutions for NetSuite provided by Centek

Our Template Based Design Services will help you focus your energy and valuable resources where it matters the most while alleviating development costs and the typical deployment time to get an entire site up and running. With over 2,000 NetSuite compatible templates to choose from for approximately $150.00, our experienced team of developers, designers and programmers can help you easily redesign and restructure your chosen template to meet your needs and ensure that your online identity is strengthen every step of the way. As with any other full web design project, Centek ensures that even NetSuite compatible templates are designed and structured on key principles such as functionality, navigation, optimal conversion rates, usability, look and feel and easy maintenance.

Our template-based services provide the following key benefits:

  • Noticeable Cost Reduction (over 75%); why pay thousands when you can pay hundreds?
  • Faster Implementation and Deployment; why wait months when you can wait days?
  • Desired “Look and Feel” with no “surprises”; know what you’re getting ahead of time.

As a NetSuite web design expert and e-Commerce consultant, Centek strives to create and develop professional, user friendly as well as profitable E-Commerce websites, even when clients choose to use pre-designed NetSuite templates. The navigational structure and professional quality of the templates which we offer, customize and develop reflect these principles to accommodate to our clients’ needs and specifications. Our NetSuite-compatible templates can be further customized with special features in order to achieve your goals and induce the proper web-customer reaction which can help meet your objectives and increase your conversion rates and revenue stream.

Centek incorporates strong usability, functionality and Search Engine Optimization standards into websites built around templates. To help our clients stay ahead of the game, Centek can even integrate a wide variety of over 20 toolsandequipment to maximize your E-Commerce potential:

  • Customized Newsletter & Email Templates
  • NetSuite integrated “Wish List” Functionality
  • NetSuite integrated Product Comparison Functionality
  • Live Chat Integration
  • Customized NetSuite Online Forms
  • ...and many more!
View our templates:

Template Customization Plans

We offer only highly professional templates built around key E-Commerce principles. However, we do recognize that you may want to customize your favorite template a bit further. Centek offers several plans designed to meet your budget and needs. Every plan, including the Standard/Base Template Plan, includes the complete integration of your chosen template with NetSuite, your company logo integration, header tabs editing, home content editing, left navigation setup and integration, link editing and home banner integration.